Uncanny – Senior Show 2013

The Show ‘Uncanny’ was exhibited in the List gallery at Brown University in February 2013 as part of my Senior Show for my concentration in Visual Arts.

Artist’s Statement:

The work of ‘Uncanny’ explores the scale change between models and environment by replacing the common human model for Asian Ball Jointed Dolls (or for short, ABJDs), putting them in different contexts in order to create a feeling of strangeness between the figure and the viewer, sometimes in their own little miniature world, sometimes in the human scale scenery, and convey a sense of the concept known as Uncanny Valley – a reaction caused in humans when the artificial figure standing in front of them look almost exactly real, to the point of creating discomfort and a kind of curiosity. Parts of the work are larger than human scale in order to bring these small objects to their ‘real-to-be’ sizes as if they could act as true human models.

Each character has a given, created personality that is expected to be reflected on the photographs, causing also a sense of narrative and giving more life to the work. ABJDs are highly customizable collection items whose owner can change them to whichever form one wants, and are in themselves, through the creative process of their collectors, a unique, one of a kind piece of art, portrayed again through the medium of photography with certain intents and narratives.

My main inspirations for the work consisted of fiction fantasy books, classics, cinema and animation, macro and model photography and most of all graphic novels and figure drawing.

Photography, Senior Exhibition