Never Ending Road

After a tragic, unforeseeable separation, a couple that once thought of going away together to build a new life in a new place meets again in the present days, however, without any remembrance of each other. All she know is that she has long lost a loved one, and all he knows is the feeling of something missing in his own memories and in his own heart.

The inconsequent bet that brought the two together again ends up having greater consequences that anyone could even imagine, to a point of no return. Alexis is hardly the same man he was back when they were together, and ends up averting his old fiancée, Amadeus, instead of going back to her. She then gets closer to his old rival, forming a rather complicated love triangle full of conflicts.

Beginning simply as a junction of characters from different stories in a new universe, Never Ending Road soon developed into a whole new project with illustrations and an online graphic novel in its fourth chapter.

Fran Briggs

Illustration, Graphic Novel