In a medieval world with a touch of fantasy, a group of anti-heroes tries to achieve great profit by offering their services to the contractors that pay best, no matter their nature or the kind of job. With their own justice and moral code, they walk their paths together while keeping each other’s secrets that make them who they are – Mercenarie$.

Through each adventure they face challenges and make decisions that may put in risk their own positions up against the abuses of the rulers of the four kingdoms that rule Psykhé, the continent, later to face the immersion of a war against a superior power in their world.

Mercenário$ was created in 1999 by Frann Briggs and had its first publication in 2003 by the Brazilian publisher Editora Talismã. Today, it goes forward in the digital media and by the releases of the books with the online published chapters.

As a new member of the project, I am working on character studies and later a few designs for an introductory special edition of Mercenário$ presenting its main character, Domenik Windslasher, and the continent of Psykhé.


Fran Briggs


Illustration, Graphic Novel