Gunpowder Requiem

Gunpowder Requiem is an on-going independent project of written narrative and illustration started in 2010, with plans for development into a graphic novel or an animation project.

Taking place in post-WWII Russia and Germany, Gunpowder Requiem tells the story of Damaran Leontyev, a former soviet soldier of unknown origins, and Alexis Reinhardt, a young former general of the Third Reich and the only survivor from Stalingrad, in their struggle to rebuilt their lives after the end of the war facing persecution inside and out of their own circles.

Kyouya Iwasaki is a young Japanese boy that decided to travel to Europe in order to find help with his own family issues, and through his eyes the present stories, experiences and relationships of both Damaran and Alexis are brought together with their pasts, presented in their own voices, bringing both time periods together and entering their thoughts.

So far, Gunpowder Requiem has twenty full written chapters and complete character design and explores the themes of war and social conflict as well as humanity and subjectivity by the eyes of the two men involved, leaving behind the Manichaeism often seen in war stories in order to go deeper into the psychology of the men who, after committing their own crimes, try to get their humanity and previous lives back.

Involving also themes such as the role of the Mafia in 20th century Ryssia and the life of people who collaborated with the horrors of the Third Reich after the Liberation of Europe, Gunpowder Requiem is a project that required not only character ans stiry development, but also extensive research on history, culture, politics and ideologies that marked the first half of the previous century.

Writing, design, illustration, story.