Anna Giovannini

Illustrator São Paulo, Brazil

Born in Brazil and currently living in the rainy city of Providence in Rhode Island as a graduating Senior from Brown University, I have forever been into illustration and drawing with a special interest for narrative and story telling. Since pre-school I love to create characters and stories and could spend a whole day just trying out to get the right designs, plan childish comic book projects with friends and waiting for the drawing lessons to come on Fridays.

I've spend three semesters in Architecture School in Brazil, but as I decided that I'd rather work with the creative process of character designs and narrative rather than planning and calculating buildings, I have then transferred to Brown University in the United States and am currently majoring in both Visual Arts and History of Art and Architecture, graduating in the class of 2013 and thus looking for opportunities to start an stable career in the United States by doing what I love - creating, bringing ideas to life, putting my pencil on the paper and see the birth of new characters and stories.

My weird hobby is doll collecting and customizing, and I have a passion for illustration, graphic novels, books and fiction, traditional, stop motion and CG animation. I adore researching on themes needed for my projects and am also a fan of traveling and seeing new things and new places.


Illustration Character Design Story Telling Painting Photoshop Graphic Novel Storyboarding Narrative Drawing Photography Animation Doll Customization